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Peru is known as the culinary heart of Latin America and Nikkei cuisine is probably one of its most refined and truly unique inventions, which has now made its way to our table here in Prague.

Ceviche Meza Cruz highlights Japanese culinary techniques and ingredients such as fresh seafood and precise knife skills, with the complexity of traditional Peruvian flavors such as ají peppers and citrus ceviche. But it doesn’t stop there – the seductive Leche de Tigre was created by blending citrus juice with homemade fish stock, aji peppers and other fresh ingredients to create a rich, layered delicacy known for its mythical aphrodisiac properties.

And don’t forget Nikkei Tiraditios, the Latin version of the classic Japanese sashimi. Complement any dish with a selection of fine Spanish cava and natural wines or a pisco-based cocktail for a truly unique dining experience.


About us

Meza Cruz is a ceviche bar in the heart of Prague that offers Peruvian specialties with a twist.

Born from the culinary influence of Japanese immigrants in Peru during the 19th and 20th centuries, Nikkei cuisine combines refined Japanese culinary techniques and ingredients that blend seamlessly with Peruvian flavors.

The spatial design is laced with symbolism and influenced by the bright, vibrant culture of Chicha and street art.

It includes an iconic communal table that has its own 13-seat reputation and gives the place its name, Meza Cruz, which translates from Spanish as “cross table.”


Luminaire in bright colours

Our design

Atmosphere is everything, and it’s in the details.

At Meza Cruz, we have designed everything with intention, interwoven with symbolism, to create an atmosphere that is in disparate symbiosis with the unique flavours contained in each individual dish.

The Hidden Cross

Street art

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Elegant stone table - Meza


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